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StarNet PC strives to maximize efficiency and reduce costs through the selective use and implementation of computing resources.

StarNet PC is not your average IT Consulting and IT Support Services company. We pride ourselves on being the best IT resource for our clients. The combination of our extensive technical skill set, effective project management capabilities, professionalism, and more than 20 years of real-world experience allows us to provide the best IT Consulting services for our clients. Our consultants believe that IT is an enabler and supporter of business processes. This means we strive to make technology work effectively and efficiently so you can concentrate on your business. In addition, our IT Support Services are tailored for businesses below 100 employees. This means the critical factors of our support plans are response time and cost.

The cost factor not only encompasses typical service costs, but also hardware costs, non-business hour costs, emergency costs, and the fact that our service includes value-added services at no additional cost. At StarNet PC, we recognize that there are many solutions to a particular problem. What makes us different from other IT shops is that we recommend solutions that not only solve your current problem, but also account for future growth. Most of the time, potential clients are surprised to find that our solutions are priced well within their budget. This is due to our experts leveraging solutions derived from platforms other than Microsoft. Simply stated, StarNet PC is devoted to providing businesses in Ottawa and Gatineau Area with the best IT Consulting and IT Support Services.

Each of our IT Consultants have developed and integrated Information Technology solutions for a minimum of 10 years. This results in a very comprehensive level of technical expertise and implementation experience. StarNet PC’s consultants have the knowledge to provide you and your existing IT team with end-to-end IT advice and solutions. These cross-platform solutions include, but are not limited to: Networking, Systems Management, Security Auditing, Storage Systems, Backups, High Availability and Redundancy, and Voice-over-IP.