Access Control

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Access Control and Door Entry Systems

Most organizations, not just those with security concerns, require that only authorized persons are granted access to their premises. Traditional locks and keys offer security, but lost keys present a security risk, and changing locks and re-issuing keys when lost or stolen is inconvenient and costly. Access control technology provides flexible control over access to your building and can benefit organizations of all sizes and is a low cost, easily maintained security solution to managing exit and entry at one or more entrances.

Readers can be fitted to internal and external doors both on entry and exit side and other entry and exit points such as gates and barriers both personnel and vehicle. Access Control Systems come in a huge range of sizes and types, from a simple door intercom to a high security biometric (fingerprint or iris scanner) system that controls access throughout abuilding and tracks all movements.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

More and more businesses are using access control systems to give them greater control over their buildings and protect their assets from theft, nuisance and vandalism:

• Monitor the main entrance with a Video Intercom, so only expected visitors can get access to reception

• Remotely open distant doors, ideal for deliveries, large sites and for out of hours when few staff on site

• Track and log staff and visitors movements for security and timekeeping

• Securely access parts of a building without having to issue dozens of keys or use easily shared PIN codes

Access Control From StarNet PC

StarNet PC can provide a complete range of Access Control solutions, including:

• Door Intercom systems allow two way communication with visitors and remote door release

• Video Entry systems, giving two way communication, plus a visual confirmation of a visitors identity

• Swipe Card systems to replace keys – cheaper, more secure and can be connected to a logging system

• Biometric Access system using fingerprints, iris scans or facial recognition that cannot be lost or stolen

• Proximity readers (RFID), allowing quick non-contact access, but still providing all the security and tracking benefits of swipe cards

• Key Card systems are common in hotels, but great for securing individual rooms or entire buildings