Surveillance Cameras

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CCTV (Analogue & IP)


StarNet PC can offer a range of CCTV systems and maintenance packages. Our extensive experience and knowledge allows us to integrate our camera systems in to most internal and external environments. From schools and universities to hospitals, car parks, offices, restaurants, gas stations and shopping centres, we have implemented thousands of CCTV systems .

Our solutions include, but are not limited to;

Abroad Home Monitoring
Internal & External Cameras
Dome Style Cameras
Infrared Cameras
NiteDevil Cameras
Day-Night Cameras
Covert Cameras
Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
Motion Detection Cameras
Heat Sensitive Cameras

IP Cameras

StarNet PC offer a range of Sony & Panasonic IP network cameras (amongst others) that plug directly into an Ethernet network. These IP cameras offer a neat solution that are easy to manage. IP cameras provide the option of viewing images over the internet, as well as your Local Area Network (LAN), and recording MPEG4 video footage or image snapshots onto servers or integrated storage cards. Being IP based, remote management and viewing of cameras over an Internet connection is simple – just a mouse click away.

IP cameras can also feature general-purpose input/output (GPIO) ports to which a variety of external devices, such as motion detection sensors or other types of alarm, can be attached to trigger recording.

Access Control Systems

StarNet PC is approved Mircom Intercom and Kantech Access installers.

We are able to provide a range of access control systems from a single door system to a multi-door networked PC based system.

Do you want to know who’s in the building at a certain time?
Do you want to protect your staff working out-of-hours?

StarNet PC can supply, install, configure & maintain your access control system;

  1. Biometric Systems (Finger print, eye recognition)
  2. Coded Systems (Entry Code)
  3. Proximity Systems (Key Fobs, Cards)
  4. Audio & Video Systems
  5. Networked/PC Based Monitoring on the above systems
  6. Automated Electronic Gates (radio keyfob, key card, coded and timed entry)